Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, I got my dog. :) Not an English Mastiff, but an Italian one--a Cane Corso. Quota's a little frustrating at times, but also sweet enough to make up for it. I love having someone to spend my day with, even if she is a dog.

I've always been a bit on the solitary side, but now that I'm living in a somewhat rural area though I've found myself at something of a loss. To be blunt, I don't have friends here and I'm not sure I know how to make new friends--mostly because I spend too much time wondering what other people think. I keep in touch with old friends of course, but how can I find new friends that won't think I'm crazy when I start ranting about the ridiculousness of a book I just read, or toss out references to Discworld, or who understand the awful awesomeness of 10th Kingdom? And because I'm too worried about coming across as odd or insulting something that they might like, I say nothing and turn myself into an unmemorable, quietly boring person.

And so, I've found myself a dog. Not as a substitute for making new friends, but as a reminder to myself that somebody can like me for me--even if I am a little weird sometimes. And really, who cares what everyone else thinks? My husband knows exactly how weird I am and he's okay with it. Even if I don't make any new friends in this area, I'm still lucky to have the ones I've made before because they're awesome and I can trust them to let me know when I'm being stupid, lol.

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